Why Men Cheat – The Real Reason

Have you ever wondered what is the real reason that men cheat? Maybe you are wondering why Tiger Woods cheated? Or maybe you are a woman reading this and interested to know why men cheat in general, or maybe you’re a guy curious about what I have to say.

Whatever the reason, I’m sure by now you have probably come across some good and some not so good theories of why men cheat.

I have certainly heard and read a lot about this, and unfortunately, have come across many shallow theories. In this article, I am going to try and dig a little deeper.

I am sure you have heard things like men cheat because

    • they were not satisfied sexually,
    • there was something wrong in the couple’s relationship,
    • he was drunk at a party and the opportunity just presented itself,
    • he became rich and powerful and did it because he could,
    • or that he just met an incredibly beautiful woman who won him over.
    • Maybe you have heard even shallower ideas why men cheat like men have come into this world to copulate and spread their seed,
    • behaving like this is part of their nature, or that it is the testosterone that makes them cheat.

While all of these ideas contain some nuggets of truth, none of these suggestions provide a real understanding of why men cheat.

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