It can be a very heartbreaking experience to know that the person that you love most in the world has been unfaithful and disloyal to you. It can still be heartbreaking even when you are able to see the signs early on. You might have been suspecting them for a while now and when the truth comes out into the open, it can still be very painful.

But at the very least, you are given the opportunity to brace yourself for the emotional onslaught that is to come. It always hurts more whenever you don’t get to see the betrayal coming. The shock factor of it all adds a whole new dimension of pain and sorrow.

When you first get into a relationship with someone, you are essentially going to have to open yourself up to another person. You have to make yourself more vulnerable somewhat and sometimes, that means opening yourself up to the risk of getting hurt. That’s something that you’re going to have to do if you want to fall in love.

And alas, the more invested you become in a relationship, the more painful it is when the romance fails. And make no mistake about it, infidelity is definitely one of the most common causes for failures in relationships.

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