Place baking soda in your “PRIVATE PART” Look what happens

There are many types of vaginal washes available in the market that promise to keep you healthy and smell free “down there”. #But wait before you pick them up, most of these are loaded with chemicals that can be harsh on this delicate and sensitive area.

Instead, make your own vaginal wash, and believe us it isn’t too difficult. If you have baking soda in your kitchen cabinet, use it. This wonderful ingredient can help you combat vaginal infections and keep it odor free.

Why choose baking soda The?

The PH level of a healthy vagina is typical between 3.5 to 4.5, this also means that the area is little acidic in nature. #If the pH level goes up or down, it could be responsible for a host of problems…

Some problems that occur due to imbalance of pH in the vagina are:

  1. Yeast infections
  2. Excessive vaginal discharge
  3. Foul odor
  4. Itching
  5. Painful intercourse

#However, using baking soda to clean the area can help you restore the pH balance.

The reason being baking soda is alkaline in nature. #When an alkaline substance is mixed with something acidic, it neutralizes it. #So, when baking soda is used to wash the vaginal area, it helps to restore the pH balance and bring it to the optimum level. Here are some more tips and tricks to improve your vaginal health.

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