How To Beat Genetics To Get A Hourglass Figure

Let’s skip the small talk (I know you want to improve your body shape – there’s always room for it) and get straight into the part that will help you to attain a hourglass figure.

Getting this ideal body shape – 36” breasts – 24” belly – 36” booty – is not for everyone. It’s hard to reach these body dimensions when we’re all different. That’s why your “perfect” hourglass figure may vary depending on:

  1. Height;
  2. Body type;
  3. Bone structure.

This means everyone’s hourglass sizes will differ. So we can’t talk about 36″ – 24″ – 36″ (or 90 – 60 – 90 in cm) unless you have a perfect high, body type and bone structure. You should rather focus on achieving a decent body ratio, than counting every inch.

The body ratio you should follow for a hourglass figure has to be 3:2:3 inches on an average (that means it can also be 32”- 22”- 32”, or 32”- 22”- 34”). But if you’re somewhere there, your goal is reached!

3 Steps To Getting An Hourglass Figure

Achieving a hourglass figure is not easy, and genetics works pretty hard to stop your progress. But that does not mean it is impossible. So, keep your focus on and start with this plan now:

1. Diet

To get the dream body, 60% of this depends on what diet you are following. Whatever you do, make sure that your calorie intake is not more than 1200 calories per day. Divide the 1200 calories as follows:

Protein: 65%

This includes any kind of lean meat, fish, tofu, eggs, almond, yogurt, pulses, skimmed milk, soya beans, etc.

Fat: 25%

Low-fat cheese, olive oil, fat from meat, etc.

Fiber: 12%

Have leafy vegetables, cucumber, carrots, etc. Fiber is very necessary to regulate your digestive system properly.

Carbohydrate: 3%

It will normally come from whatever you are eating. The few things that you can consider are whole wheat bread, oats and brown rice (but not very often)!

Healthy drinks: 10 – 12 glasses

The next process in your diet will be detoxification where you can flush out those toxins from your body and certainly look better! The best ways to do are by having green tea (rich in antioxidants) and drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.

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