Dating Is A Game. Here’s How To Be The Best Player?

When you think of the game, most of the times people have this misconception that its manipulation, or brainwashing women into sleeping with them, etc.. Often times people even think of it as hypnosis. How to hypnotize women into sleeping with you, etc..

The game is not your money, your status, your grooming, your looks, your alpha behaviors or any of those things in particular. It’s a mixture of them all. And the biggest and most important parts of your Game is Confidence, Decisiveness, Resourcefulness, Dominance, Fearlessness, etc.. all these stuff, which are showcased in the way you talk and the way you act.

And it is all sub-communicated to a girl. She’ll instantly know who you are as a person.

The energy and the vibe around you and the way you let people feel about you is Game. See it’s all a part of it. Most of the times women look at your sub-communications or your behavioral cues.

Game is introducing yourself to the girl to getting her into bed. And all of the things that you do with her in between. It’s pulling up your shit together and being a man of high values and beliefs.

So, it’s time to amp up your game and make you the best player in it, hold tight and have patience because it’s going to be transforming and thought-provoking but it’s going to be worth it.

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