Infidelity. Unfaithfulness. Cheating. It’s unfortunate. It’s devastating. It’s a wretched. It’s cruel. You can try your best to make things work in a relationship, but that doesn’t always guarantee that your partner is going to stay loyal and committed to you.

That’s a harsh truth that you’re just going to have to accept as early as now. Love is a tricky thing – it’s a risk. You are never really promised success and it’s always devastating whenever you fall short. Love is hard – but that’s also why it’s so great when you are able to make things work. Remember that the best things in life never come easily;

they always require a lot of time, commitment, and effort – and love isn’t any different. You are always going to have to try your best to make a relationship work; and even then, you aren’t always going to be guaranteed of favorable results. You just have to try your best and hope for the best.

When you first meet someone you have a kind of chemistry with, you try to build on that chemistry. You act as a team and you try your best to make things work together. You fall in love and you become really invested in one another and in your relationship. You become attached to the idea of being together for the long-term and you become so entranced at the thought of making things work.

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