A lot of people think that the love that they have can be considered as “true love” even when it isn’t necessarily the case. Love is an inherently complex feeling and emotion. And it’s important to always keep things real when it comes to love. Just because you and your partner love one another doesn’t mean that you have true love.

Naturally, when you fall in love with someone, it is very infantile. It’s very easy to fall in love. What is difficult is sustaining a love. And true love is always going to be a sustainable kind. It’s not the kind that falters and falls just because things get a little rough. True love is something that runs deep. It has very little to do with the shallow and superficial stuff. Sure, you might be infatuated with someone. And that plays a part in two people falling in love. But it’s not what makes up the entirety of love.

True love is possibly the strongest form of connection and bond that two people can ever share. And love also has a way of intensifying all of the other emotions surrounding that relationship.

But the most important thing that you have to take note about true love? It really takes time. It’s something that is built over a period of months, weeks, years, and even decades. The strongest couples are the ones who always make an effort to build on the love that they have for one another. The strongest relationships are those that never stop trying to get to know one another. The strength of a relationship is never dependent on how little problems they have. The strength of a relationship is defined by how well the couples are able to adapt to their situations and overcome the hurdles that they are presented with. True love isn’t the absence of stormy days and darkness. True love is merely the persistence of joy, happiness, and brightness in spite of the dark times.

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