7 Subtle Ways To Know If You’re Good In Bed

If there’s anything this world is inundated with, it’s sex tips. Every magazine, website, and the book seems parade tips on how to be the best in bed, please your partner, and blow your significant other’s mind. But with all these salacious headlines floating around, are there actual ways to know if you’re good in bed? There are hundreds of tips out there telling you how to be good in bed. But how do you know if you actually are “good.”

Although orgasm might be the obvious indicator that your romp between the sheets gets an A for effort and execution, sexual pleasure is a little more complicated than climaxing. Being “good” in bed is more than being able to give your partner an orgasm.

It’s about whether or not you listen to your partner, whether or not you really engage in the moment, and whether or not you’re communication your own wants and needs properly. It’s also important to remember that what one person considers good may be less than pleasurable for someone else. Hence why communication is so important.

So even though the following signs you’re good in bed might not be the incredibly obvious ones you’re looking for, they’re signs that will carry you through to a great sexual relationship.

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