5 Things Men Want You To Tell Them Bluntly

Sometimes, women can be very subtle, but is that really what a man wants? Of course not! Men prefer their women to be blunt with them, but there are a few main things that they really want them to be blunt about. So to learn how to please your man better, read on.

1. What You Like

When it comes to closeness, men always want open communication. If they’re doing something wrong, they want to be told bluntly so that they can fix it. Your man wants to please you; let him!  Men can’t read your mind, so be as open and communicative as possible about what you like and what you don’t like.

2. What Gifts You Want

You don’t have to completely spoil the surprise, but men like to be given hints about what you want for your birthday, Christmas, and other holidays. Simply stating something general and letting him figure out the specifics will work well for both of you. He won’t have to guess what you like and you’ll get gifts you will really appreciate.

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