5 Steps For Getting Rid Of UnderArm Fat (Armpit)

Gym equipment is not always required for losing underarm fat. Cardiovascular and resistance exercises in combination with daily calorie intake are way better in burning excess body fat on the body, including underarm fat. No one can target underarm fat with diet and fitness, but burning overall body fat is possible. The next 5 steps will help in achieving your goal, burning your excess underarm fat.

Step 1

Limiting daily calorie intake is a king. Eliminate processed and junk food and always try to stick yourself to a single portions of whole foods from plant sources like: whole wheat, barley, fresh produce, legumes, oats, quinoa, wheat berries, nuts and heart-healthy fats such as olive oil, seeds and avocados. Cutting only 500 calories from our daily diet, may result in losing 1 pound per week.

Step 2

1 hour exercising per day, every day. This will result in 500+ calories burned combining various workouts like kickboxing, martial arts, swimming laps, high-impact dance, running, jogging, speed-walking, climbing hills or stairs etc. This single step may result in 500 calories cut off weekly. Combined with Step 1, you may lose even 2 pounds weekly.

Step 3

Tone your arms, back and chest muscles with resistance exercises. Doing this kind of workout, will result in trimming fat, while defining and toning your muscle. You will start seeing the results quickly! Well known upper body no-gym workouts are: triceps dips, pullups, pushups, and yoga.

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