4 Reasons Why Some Guys Don’t Want Relationships And Only Want Sex

Any straight or bisexual woman who has spent any time be it short or long dating or even getting to know a man would know that men work is utterly confusing ways. They have a mind of their own which functions nothing like the minds of women and although that may have sounded as the most obvious statement ever, on a day to day basis these difference can really come in the way of a man and woman who are trying their luck with each other.

In the realm of relationships, love, marriage, commitments, and promises men seem to the trophy for being super complicated and confusing. There are things that men do while they’re dating that women will sometimes just fail to grasp. One such thing is being friends with benefits, having one night stands and mainly looking for sex without a relationship or even short-term dating.

Don’t get me wrong. There are tons and tons of women who feel the same way about sex; they’d rather have it with someone without dating them or being in love with them, but we all know that men have done this far more often than women.

So, why is that? Being a woman, have you ever come across a man who will just shut down all kinds of attempt a woman makes to get him to date her? A man who just walks into the room with a woman with the intention of sex and ONLY sex? He has zero desire of getting to know her or considering a serious relationship with her.

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