30-Day ? Abs And Butt Workout Challenge ???

This abs and butt workout challenge is designed to really engage your midsection, helping you to get a toned belly and a round booty.

Even if it’s not the start of the month (or it’s not Monday), today is still a good day to change your lifestyle. There’s no point in waiting until the start of the next month (or week) when you can feel way much better starting today!

This abs and butt workout challenge is totally doable even if you’re a fitness newbie. And if you’re already following a fitness routine, this challenge is a great complement to your regular workout.

Abs And Butt Workout Challenge

This abs and butt workout challenge is so great because it has only four simple moves. So you don’t have to get complicated about your workout.

The four moves are squats, crunches, lunges and plank – it’s not like you’ve never done these before. This challenge can be done anywhere and it pretty much works your whole body.

It’s a combination of strength and cardio that will definitely increase your heart rate.

But don’t worry, you’ll have rest days too. On these days you should do a 30-minute walk, jog, or light run.

It’s import to keep your body active during the rest days, but, at the same time, to recover your muscles. So take your rest days!

Now let’s see the 30-day program of the abs and butt workout challenge! ?

Give this abs and butt workout challenge a try and see how you feel in after 30 days!

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