28 Foods Rich In Potassium

Below are 28 foods rich in potassium that you can literally find around your kitchen, you will also learn why potassium is important, the side effects of too much potassium in your diet and finally, major symptoms of potassium deficiency.

Potassium is an essential mineral required for the body to work correctly, almost all of the human bodily functions depend on it to some extent.

Having low levels of Potassium  ( a condition known as hypokalemia ) causes decreased oxygen levels and reduces cell function.

Daily recommended intake amount of Potassium.

The recommended daily intake amount of Potassium is 2500 mg and should not exceed 3500 mg.

Best sources of Potassium

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are the best sources of natural Potassium, reducing salt in your diet and increasing fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and raw nuts is a great way of reversing potassium deficiency.

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