18 Signs Of Fibromyalgia You Need To Be Aware Of

The chronic condition of fibromyalgia is infamous for triggering widespread pain around the body. Doctors often get confused while diagnosing fibromyalgia as pain is a common trait in a horde of other ailments. This is why it takes about five years on average for patients to benefit out of proper treatment.

It can be easy for your doctor to diagnose your ailment if you can present him with a clear shot of the location and type of pain. Faster diagnosis leads to faster initiation of treatment which in turn can relieve your symptoms seamlessly. Today we are going to take a look at some distinct symptoms of fibromyalgia which can assist in its early diagnosis.

#1 Muscle Soreness

This common symptom of fibromyalgia can be focused in various places or concentrated in an unexplained region. The pain intensity also tends to vary and get triggered by factors such as physical fatigue, stress, anxiety, humid/cold weather, etc.

#2 Stiffness

Fibromyalgia is a mixture of skeletal and muscular pain. People suffering from the same have reported extreme stiffness during morning and evening which paves the path for a little relief as the day progresses.

External factors such as sleep level, activities are undertaken and general fatigue can also influence the level of stiffness to a great extent. Although the pain does not come off as excruciating to cause immobility, it surely causes inconvenience.

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