16 Important Health Benefits Carrots

Below are 16 of the most important health benefits of eating carrots daily, you will also learn the nutritional values, the different types of carrots along with the side effects of eating too many carrots and finally, some exciting unknown facts about carrots.

Carrots are known as one of the world’s healthiest vegetables, a power food mainly because they are a high source of vitamin A, Potassium,  fiber, vitamin k, vitamin B-8 and are also famous for their antioxidant agents.

  • Plant– wild carrot
  • Scientific name- Daucus Carotene Subspecies Sativus
  • Origin– Europe & Southwestern Asia

There are many varieties of carrots, most common types include;

  • Baby carrots-sculpted to look like baby carrots.
  • Chantenay-Pale orange, short and thick.
  • Danvers– medium-sized, coned shaped carrots.
  • Imperator-long slender with pointed tips.
  • Nantes-orange, short, brittle & blunt tip.
  • Purple carrots– dark violet to reddish purple in color.
  • Red carrots– contains a substance called lycopene and are pinkish red in color.
  • Round carrots– orange color & and shaped like large radishes.
  • White carrots– long and thin with a white color.
  • Yellow carrots– firm, crunchy and has a light yellow color.
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