15 Nastiest Things Women Secretly Do When Together !

The relationship between women is much different than the relationships had between men.

Men like to roughhouse, compete, and don’t care much about what they are doing as long as they are having fun, but women are completely different.

Most relationships between women can be kind, quiet, and less adventurous. Sometimes these relationships can be genuine and loving, but there are also some nasty habits that women have when they are with their friends.

Almost everyone has seen the film Mean Girls, and the sad thing is that some of the things they do in that film are true. Women can be nasty sometimes when it comes to hanging out with friends they don’t particularly enjoy. Competition is a big reason why these nasty habits can appear, as some women will try to be superior and will want to stand in the light of being the group-leader. Other times, they are mean to others, and don’t hold back when they are with their friends. The truth is that women have some pretty nasty habits when they are with their friends, whether it is being gross, rude to each other, or rude to others.

Do you need to take a look at the type of relationship you have with your girls? Your friendships should be fulfilling and bring you happiness. If they don’t, maybe you all need to have a chat! Make sure you aren’t the one with the nasty habits, and be sure to love on your girls! Check out these 15 nastiest habits women do when they are among friends!

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