13 habits you need to have make any relationship successful

Continual activity directed towards a goal creates a sense of momentum or as I like to say progress. In other words, your habits determine your progress and overall your successes and failures. We all have good and bad habits that are derived from the relatively small decisions we make every day. In turn, our habits are directly correlated and caused by our minuscule day to day choices.

“Success is actually a short race – a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over.” – Gary Keller, The One Thing

Instead of hearing about habits from me I figured I would pick the brains of those far smarter than I. Amazing people like, Elon Musk, Gary Keller, Napoleon Hill, Stephen R. Covey and more!

Habit 1, From The One Thing

Cut The Crap. What Do You Really Need To Get Done?

In a world of constant stimulation, everything can feel like it is an immediate priority. A common mistake many make is falling victim to too much opportunity and for lack of a better word, distraction.

Trying to do too much at any given time forces you to not give projects the time and dedication they need to be done exceptionally well. As Gary Keller states in The One Thing“Success is about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right.” Although many things will pull at you throughout your day you must narrow your focus to the one thing you need to do to make progress on your goals. I talked about progress and the massive life-changing power behind it in my last article!

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