11 Signs You Have A Man Who Really Cares About You

1. You know that he’s always honest with you.

You know that a man really cares about you when he stays honest with you. He cares about you enough to always be feeding you the truth – even when it’s inconvenient. He is always looking to make sure that you aren’t being kept in the dark about anything. He is always making sure that you are being fed all of the right information. He always wants to look out for you.

2. He lets you have your freedom and space.

He is the kind of guy who knows that just because you get into a relationship with one another doesn’t mean that he’s entitled to control how you live your life. He loves you and cares about you enough to always respect your independence. He always gives you space and freedom whenever you ask for it. He always lets you be your own person. He doesn’t want to act as a dictator in your own relationship.

3. He does things he hates just because you like them.

He doesn’t mind putting himself out of his comfort zone for you. He doesn’t mind doing things that he typically wouldn’t be into. He doesn’t mind partaking in activities that don’t necessarily give him much joy or pleasure. He willingly does these things because he knows that it’s important to you that he does them. He does these things because he genuinely cares about you.

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