11 signs that can show if your man is going to leave you

Has the behavior of your partner changed recently and not for the better? You have been dreaming of your wedding so much! What should you do in this situation? Should you try to save your relationship, wait until he goes away or leaves him without waiting to be disgraced?

It all depends on how far everything has gone. What could be worse than an unexpected break-up? Only one thing- if your man has planned to do it for a long time and you thought that everything is okay. It is very unfair every person deserves honesty.

Remember how much time you spent together before. During all your free-time from work, you were inseparable. Slow breakfasts with kisses, a joint road trip to work or to study, every evening and every night together. What do you have today? He avoids evening meeting in every possible way. You do not go to the cinema, to the theater or to the bar.

You should know the typical signs that a partner wants to leave you. Try to remove yourself and to look at your relationship from the outside because being inside you think with your heart and not with your brain. Here are 11 most common signs:

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